Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ruminate Nonfiction prize announced

Student writers of nonfiction, please consider this opportunity. The deadline is soon, so look through those English 301 essays and your other archives and see if you have anything that could work.

Here is the announcement from the magazine:

"RUMINATE Magazine is thrilled to announce our first annual Ruminate Nonfiction Prize. The first place essay will win a $500 prize and the runner-up will win a $50 prize. The entry deadline is February 15, 2011, and the finalist judge is award-winning author Al Haley (Haley is the published author of Home Ground: Stories of Two Families and The Land and Exotic: A Novel, winner of the John Irving First Novel Award, and his work has been published in publications including The New Yorker and The Atlantic Monthly.) For more details please visit our website.

We are also currently accepting short stories, poems, and artwork for Issue 20: Eat and Drink. The deadline for Issue 20 is also February 15.



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