Friday, November 18, 2011

Schmidt Brings Home the Bling

Our own Prof. Schmidt appeared in the department again this morning after spending several days in New York for festivities surrounding the National Book Award announcements.

Alas, he didn't win. But in his Craft of Writing class last week, he did correctly predict the winner in the Young People's Literature category. So that counts for something.

Actually, the nomination is a huge honor, as all the Calvin media coverage rightly suggests. With two Newbery nominations and now this--along with many, many other honors and awards--you would think he would get a little cocky. Not so. As he himself remarked this morning, "I live in Alto."

The National Book Nomination festivities required Schmidt to wear a tux and enjoy a lamb dinner at a swanky New York ballroom, to which he was delivered in a limousine. He also brought home a gorgeous plaque and rather impressive medal. Look for them in a department display case soon. This indicates how the rest of us are attempting to take credit for Gary's accomplishments.

For more coverage of the National Book Awards and video of interviews with Schmidt and the other nominees, check out the NBA website.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Calvin Student in The Banner

Our own Sarah Vander Molen is making her publication debut this month with a lovely piece called "World Sorrow," appearing in the magazine of the Christian Reformed Church, The Banner.

Sarah is an English Secondary Ed major/Linguistics minor. Congratulations, Sarah!